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In accordance with Royal Decree Act 13/2012, dated 30 March, amending the Information Society Services Act and pertaining to the use of cookies by websites, COMERCIAL MALASA S.L.U. hereby informs you that this site uses cookies in order to measure and analyse site traffic and thereby improve your user experience and offer you a better service. You may, if you wish, configure your browser to receive on-screen notifications when receiving cookies or to prevent their installation. You should bear in mind, however, that the latter course of action would prevent you from accessing certain internet functions.

// Definition and function of cookies

A cookie is a small file created by a website to store information on your computer, such as preferences when you visit a site. When you access a site that uses cookies, it asks the browser to save one or more cookies on the hard drive.

Cookies often store website settings such as the preferred language or location, which means that when the user returns to the site, the browsers sends the cookies belonging to it, which allows it to offer a personalised service and information in response to user needs.

Cookies can also store information that identifies users, although this site does not use cookies of that type and will only have access to the personal data you provide in the contact forms.

You may change cookies settings on your browser to enable it to automatically accept or reject cookie storage requests when the browser is closed, along with other additional options.

//Types of cookies used by this site

Technical cookies
This type of cookie provides information on the user’s use of the site, such as the pages visited or if they have experienced access-related problems. These cookies do not identify who you are, as the information they collate is anonymous and will be used only to improve site design, browsing, user statistics etc. They enable the site to function more smoothly and in line with user preferences.

Traffic log cookies
These are created when you sign in or when you start a session as a site user.

Personalisation cookies
These cookies personalise site functions and content in line with the data obtained from the browser.

Session cookies
These cookies store the information needed during the session and the changes relating to it, and also determine if it is stored on the site or not.

Process cookies
Process cookies enable the site to operate and offer the user the services they expect in accessing the site so that they may, for example, browse pages or access secure areas.

// List of cookies used by the site

Technical cookies

Cookie Duration Description
ASPSessionId Session cookie Used to define the status of the session and record the visitor’s session, it is not intrusive and does not store records between visits or on different sites. Used to manage the start of sessions and also for shopping baskets. It forms part of our content manager and remains constant throughout the session.
polCookId 10 years Used to check if the visitor has been informed of the site’s cookies policy.

Technical third-party cookies

Cookie Duration Description
PHPSessid Session cookie Corresponding to "" for the implementation of Captchas for web forms.

// Rejection and deletion of cookies

You may configure your browser to enable, block, delete or disable the cookies installed on your PC by configuring your browser options. If you choose not to enable the installation of cookies on your browser, you may not be able to access some of the site’s sections or functions.

Click on the links below (depending on the browser you use) to obtain more information on configuring the browser and disabling or managing the installation of cookies to ensure that they are automatically deleted when the browser is closed or the PC or device is switched off:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer (Version 11)
Internet Explorer (Version 10)
Internet Explorer (Version 9)
Internet Explorer (Version 7 & 8)
Internet Explorer (Version 6)
Safari web
Safari IOS

Generally speaking, browser caches and cookies can be easily be deleted on most browsers, usually by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Delete.

// Updating our cookies policy

We may update our cookies policy on this site in line with legal and technical requirements. In response to this, we would advise you to check the policy occasionally with a view to keeping yourself properly informed as to how and why we use cookies.

Last updated in February 2014.